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Receramax: Unsere Produkte

Receramax® RE (Rare Earth)

The Reckel Standard

RECERAMAX® RE  is the standard version of the RECKEL microcrystalline ceramic grain. It can be used for Coated Abrasives, Bonded Abrasives, Cut-Off-wheels, Roughing-wheels as well as for Clean & Strip- Nonwoven discs.

The surface quality of RECERAMAX® RE   grain has good adhesion properties for both vitrified and resin bonds. RECERAMAX® RE  has good jumping properties in the electrostatic field when producing Coated Abrasives.


RECERAMAX® RE   is a microcrystalline sintered ceramic grain, developed and produced with the  Seeded-Gel  Technology of RECKEL. The nano fine raw materials produced by RECKEL itself, guarantee that the ceramic composites of the grain creates microcrystalline structures in the manufacturing process.

These lead to a ceramic grain with high hardness and strength. This results in a high sharpness and resistance of the grain cutting edges. On the one hand, these properties results in low cutting forces, which enable workpiece-friendly grinding, and on the other hand it can be used for high-pressure grinding with high cutting forces. The maximum loading temperature within the hardening process of bonded abrasives is 1430°C.

RECERAMAX® RE ceramic grain is available in grit size standards of  FEPA-P and FEPA-F from #16 to #1500 as well as in ANSI from #16 to #220.


Receramax: Unsere Produkte
Grinding machine, grinding a gear wheel


Einsatzbereiche; Schleifen von

-Innen-und Aussenverzahnungen

-Kurbel- und Nockenwellen

-Kugel- und Wälzlagern

-Gehärtete Präzisionsteile

-Medizintechnik, Implantate

-Rohre, Spindeln und Walzen



-Trennschleifen, Schruppschleifen


Einsatzbereiche; Schleifwerkzeuge




-      Segmente, keramisch

       und kunstharzgebunden

-      Trenn- und Schruppscheiben

 Schleifmittel auf Unterlagen




-Fiberscheiben und Blattscheiben

-      Schleifvlies

Grinding machine, grinding a gear wheel


ID and OD gear
Crank and camshafts
Hardened precision parts
Medical parts and implants
Tube, rods, spindles, rollers
Metal surface stock removal
Metal surface (finishing)
Cutting and roughing
Automotive body (OEM and repair)


Grinding tools

Bonded Abrasives
Grinding wheels and roller
Rapid-Cut wheels
Grinding segments
Cutting and Roughing wheels

Coated Abrasives
Grinding belts
Flap discs
Fiber discs and Velcro

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