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Receramax® RT

"Resemble Triangle" - milled to perfection

RECERAMAX® RT is a microcrystalline ceramic grain with a triangular shape. It is ideal for Coated Abrasives, Bonded Abrasives, Cut-Off wheels and Roughing wheels. Tools with RECERMAX® RT abrasive grain are preferably used for high-pressure grinding of high-strength stainless steels, Ni-, Co-, Cr-, Ti-based alloys and even for the processing of putty, composites and paints.


Due to the very good cutting properties of the sharp cutting edges, the sharpness of the abrasive grain also shows excellent grinding behavior with very long tool life when used for fine finishing in the grit sizes range RT+80 to RT+400.


In a new grain crushing process developed by RECKEL, the abrasive grain gets a polyhedral shape, similar to a triangular profile. This makes the grain very resistant against breakage when used with high grinding forces. Furthermore, the grain was modified in a refining production process in such a way that microcrystalline clusters are formed in the line-shaped structure. This structure causes that a dull  grain creates new cutting edges when it fractures down. Thus a self-sharpening effect is resulting in a very long tool lives with high stock removal rates.


When coating the RT grain in an electrostatic field on Coated Abrasives, it must be taken into account, that the RT grain has a higher mass compared to other grain types and correspondingly higher electrical voltages must be used, e.g. for RT+36 approx. 40 to 60 KV to achieve an optimum grain coating*. The maximum loading temperature within the hardening process of bonded abrasives is 1430°C.

*the patent process is a pending patent of RECKEL.

Receramax RT: Unsere Produkte


ID and OD of gear grinding
Crank and camshaft grinding
- Bearings
Hardened precision parts
Technical medical parts, implants
Tubes, rods, spindles rollers
Metal surface stock removal
Metal surface finishing
Cutting and roughing
Automotive body repair

Grinding tools
Bonded Abrasives
Grinding wheels and roller resin and vitrified bond
Rapid cut wheels
Cutting and roughing wheels

Coated Abrasives
Grinding belts
Grinding sleeves
Flap discs
Fiber discs and Velcro discs
Clean- und Strip Nonwoven

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