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RECERAMAX® TW is a microcrystalline sintered ceramic grain type, which was developed by RECKEL in accordance with the Seeded-Gel Technology. The very hard and tough grain has a Spaghetti-shaped profile. It can be used very well for ceramic bonded grinding wheels.

Under high grinding forces, the grain fractures down and creates new sharp cutting edges. This leads to a self-sharpening process. The Spaghetti profiles of the ceramic grains have a low bulk density, this creates an open structure when grinding wheels are produced.


The binder join the Spaghetti rods to a very stable binder/grain matrix. A porous (open) but durable structure accrues, which can withstand also high grinding pressure. The open structure ensures a very good permeability of the cooling lubricant and leads to a cool grinding.

In spite of high grinding forces and high metal removal rates, a material-friendly  grinding is possible. The sharp RECERAMAX® TW grain and the open structure of the grinding wheel prevents the undesired workpiece burn marks. The maximum loading temperature within the hardening process of bonded abrasives is 1430°C.

RECERAMAX® TW ceramic grain is offered in accordance with the market grit sizes. The grit size specification refers to the diameter of the TB ceramic grain Spaghetti rods.


Receramax TB: Product

Bonded Abrasives

Open structured grinding wheels


Deep feed grinding
Profile grinding
High stock removal grinding
Power grinding

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