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Receramax: Unsere Produkte

Receramax® RE-MS

The Reckel Standard

RECERAMAX® RE-MS is a modified version of RECKEL’s microcrystalline ceramic grain with a more solid, blocky shape. Due to special microstructure the grain generates a self sharpening effect during its usage. Produced following a very certain sol gel technology that RECKEL developed, RECERAMAX® RE MS sets a higher standard for high performance Bonded Abrasive tools.

By a special combination of ductility, toughness and microcrystalline structure RECERAMAX® RE-MS generates a high resistance against grain breakout in every direction of its shape (Multilateral Solid). A self sharpening effect is a further enhancement of the grains. This leads to a regenerating cutting edge, renewed through microstructural fracturing.


Characteristic benefits are:

- reduced grinding forces
- self sharpening during the grinding process
- less workpiece stress under high stock removal
- low grinding temperatures even with heavy duty grinding
- long lifetimes of the grinding tools

RECERAMAX® RE-MS grains get a blocky shape with the use of a new fracturing process, without losing its sharp cutting edges Additionally, these grains got a higher bulk density, which is preferable for the use in resin and ceramic Bonded Abrasive tools. The temperature resistance in the hardening process of Bonded Abrasives is 1.430 °C.

RECERAMAX® RE-MS ceramic grain is classified according FEPA - F, which is relevant for Bonded Abrasives and comes in F 30 to F 80.

Receramax: Unsere Produkte
Grinding machine, grinding a gear wheel


Einsatzbereiche; Schleifen von

-Innen-und Aussenverzahnungen

-Kurbel- und Nockenwellen

-Kugel- und Wälzlagern

-Gehärtete Präzisionsteile

-Medizintechnik, Implantate

-Rohre, Spindeln und Walzen



-Trennschleifen, Schruppschleifen


Einsatzbereiche; Schleifwerkzeuge




-      Segmente, keramisch

       und kunstharzgebunden

-      Trenn- und Schruppscheiben

 Schleifmittel auf Unterlagen




-Fiberscheiben und Blattscheiben

-      Schleifvlies

Grinding machine, grinding a gear wheel


ID and OD gear
Crank and camshafts
Hardened precision parts
Medical parts and implants
Tube, rods, spindles, rollers
Metal surface stock removal
Metal surface (finishing)
Cutting and roughing


Grinding tools

Bonded Abrasives
Grinding wheels and roller
Rapid-Cut wheels
Grinding segments
Cutting and Roughing wheels

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